Enrolment procedure

Detailed programmes, dates and prices are available on the dedicated training pages.

If you need a quotation (which also contains the programme, terms and conditions, internal regulations, etc.), you can download them directly from your account on the CLUB EIDB in the Enrolments section.

Creating an account on the EIDB club (intranet)

To start registering for a training course, you need to create an account on the EIDB Club. The validity of your e-mail address will be checked before you can access the platform. You will also be able to download individual quotes once your address has been verified.

Access the Club

We ask for your surname, first name and email address to create this account.

If you do not wish to proceed with your registration, you can request deletion, which will take effect within one month: rgpd@eidb.fr

Information form (or application file)

You can do this online, in the 'Registrations' section, once you have logged in to your Club EIDB account.

You can submit one application per type of course. Once you have chosen your course, please fill in the required fields accurately.


For all courses, we ask you to upload a photo of yourself when you submit your application.

We do not require an 'official' photo; a simple portrait is perfectly sufficient.

If you are applying for the Artisan Boulanger Bio course, we will also ask you to provide proof of your most recent qualification (which must be at least level 3 - CAP BEP, but may be higher).

After examining the information sheets, and if your sheet is selected, an interview will be arranged with the administrative team. If not, you will be informed that your application has been rejected.

Interview with the administrative team

This interview, which lasts between 15 and 60 minutes depending on the course chosen, provides an opportunity to discuss the course and its prerequisites in detail, and to present your career plan if applicable.

For the Artisan(e) Boulanger(e) Bio courses, this interview is conducted by video, and a quick test will be carried out to assess your ability to use spreadsheet software (Excel, Calc, etc.).

Funding options will also be discussed.

Telephone interview with the school director

(ONLY for the "Artisan Boulanger Bio" course)

Those selected will be invited to contact the director for a second interview, also by video. This interview will enable us to confirm if your expectations, your project and what the course offers are compatible.

Signing the training contract

If the interview(s) is/are validated, you will be invited to sign the training contract (online electronic signature, via our Live Consent service provider).

Once you have signed your contract, you have a 10-day withdrawal period.

Deposit payments

After this withdrawal period, the deposit will be cashed in order to finalise the enrolment.

It is possible to pay by bank transfer, direct debit or cheque. Information on the amount and means of payment will be available on your intranet account.

Confirmation of enrolment

Once the deposit has been received by the EIDB and all details have been checked, your enrolment will be confirmed by the administrative office. No enrolment is definitive before this confirmation.

Financing information for French residents

You can find information about possible funding here.

As mentioned in the general terms and conditions of sale, we remind you that the payment of a deposit commits you to the course.

No deposit should be paid if there is no guarantee that the candidate will be able to finance the course in full, in particular if funding is refused. Where applicable, in the event of cancellation and except in cases of force majeure, the deposit will be retained by the training organisation, in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the general terms and conditions of sale.

Other information

For information on accommodation, school access and accessibility, see the 'Practical info' page.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.