Educational and technical resources

The training takes place on the premises of l'École internationale de boulangerie: Saint-Martin, 04200 Noyers-sur-Jabron.

Building and equipment

The premises include a production room, a shower and toilet area and a classroom.

The production equipment consists of :

  • a 12m² electric deck oven, brand Fringand

  • an integrated loading conveyor

  • a ventilated 10-burner oven, brand Wisheu

  • a 50 cm diameter stone mill with grain wetting system and automatic feeder

  • 6 plunge-arm mixers

  • 8 beater-mixers

  • 4 growth control chambers

  • 11 individual workstations

  • a rolling mill

  • a freezing cell

  • a doser-mixer

  • a water cooler

  • all small-scale production equipment

The technical resources used for the training include all the commonly used production tools listed above.

Trainees also have access to the school library. The library contains academic and technical works in French, English and Spanish, as well as professional catalogues, all of which can be consulted on site. Business plans written by former trainees are also available for consultation. Trainees can thus deepen their theoretical knowledge specific to the bakery industry, its history and its economic environment.

An exchange network (the EIDB Club) is made available on registration: trainees have access to documents, a thematic forum and an up-to-date catalogue of suppliers of equipment, raw materials and services related to baking. It also serves as a means of communication with the teaching team.

We use a wide range of teaching methods. While we favour a "hands-on" approach with demonstrations and repetition, we also use a wide range of teaching aids (literature and paper documents written for the trainees, internet environment, visit to a mill, photos and videos, etc.) to ensure the most dynamic and integrated approach possible to the bakery profession.