Panettone, viennoiserie and sourdough bread – Advanced course

A training focusing on sourdough bread-making with enriched doughs, aimed at experienced bakers.

Target audience

Is this training course right for me?

For French residents this training can be financed (OPCO EP, AKTO, FAFCEA, France Travail, VIVEA, etc.) Don't hesitate to contact us to find the right funding for you.


  • You've already worked as a professional with natural sourdough bread for two years.

  • You wish to convert all your production to sourdough (including your croissants and brioches)

  • You need the tools to integrate viennoiseries into your production organisation

...your knowledge

  • You would like to understand the theory behind sourdough bread-making, and more specifically about enriched doughs

  • You want to learn about and observe the whole process of making sourdough viennoiseries

  • You want to leave with everything you need (including panettone sourdough) to start making viennoiseries and brioches in your bakery.

Key points to remember

What you need to know about this training course

The International Bakery School is the fruit of more than twenty years' expertise in the bakery industry

  • During this week, you'll discover the theoretical and practical foundations you need to understand natural sourdough bread-making, with a focus on the specific characteristics of sweet doughs.

  • A wide range of sourdough viennoiseries recipes will be proposed: Panettone of course, but also Kouglof, croissants, brioches...

  • A small 'Bread' sellection will be developed. The recipes will mainly be based on rye and fermentation in D+1, D+2, D+3... But also shokupan, gingerbread on mother dough and sourdough pizza.

  • The Perfectionnement training course is also the perfect time to talk to other bakers about best practices, organisation and recipes.


The opinion of over 1,000 people trained since 2007

Philippe B. (2022)

During the Panettone, viennoiserie and sourdough bread – Advanced course, I particularly appreciated the diversity of the recipes that we used during the week, with a practical and theoretical introduction to the range of sweet products (croissants, brioche, panettone or cramiques) and non-sweet products (shokupan), as well as a whole host of bread-making techniques using different, more traditional sourdoughs (hard or pasty) with a focus on improving organisation in the bakery. One of the qualities of the course is the constant concern to put theory and innovative practical trials at the service of what is really possible to do in the workshop, depending on the raw materials, equipment and customers. In short, I wasn't just given smoke and mirrors, but solid resources to help me develop my baking skills.

Delphine S. (2023)

I had a great week at the course; it was very comprehensive! Sourdough holds almost no secrets for us (still quite a lot though as we're learning every day)!
We kneaded a lot of viennoiseries, panetones, breads... It was very interesting to see how they do things and also to see the habits of the other trainees!
I'd recommend the school to anyone who wants to start baking and anyone who wants to improve their skills! What's more, we ate very well, thanks to the whole EIDB team!
What's more, we were a great team of 11, so we've got lots of good memories and places to visit all over France and Belgium!

Richard I. (2023)

A very good experience overall, due to a number of factors.
-The exceptional setting is largely responsible for this. I'm talking about the geographical location and the welcome from the people in and around the village. The very 'home-like' feel of life at the school is very pleasant, with the dining area, the books available, the coffee machine and so on.
-Boris and Jacques were very professional and efficient, and the care Benoît took to brighten up our lunch breaks was truly remarkable.
-Thomas's pedagogical approach and his availability in spite of everything he does.
-The selection of trainees was also an important point, with trainees from all walks of life, all working in the bakery industry, providing a wealth of experience.
And all of this without any false notes, which allows the training to take on another dimension and to run smoothly.
-The result were products that lived up to my expectations.
-The organisation leading up to the training was also well managed

Steeve C. (2023)

Thank you to the whole team, great training, keep up the good work!

Marie G. (2023)

A great week diving into the world of viennoiserie and all that goes with it
...with good and interesting theoretical bases, to be explored further by everyone of course

Marius K. (2022)

Well done to all the team at the EIDB for their work during the Panettone, viennoiserie and sourdough bread – Advanced course,
I learnt a lot during this week of advanced training, the theory lessons were really very interesting, I'd advise any baker to go and do a week's training there, both from a theoretical and practical point of view, the supervision is top notch and the team on site take the time to answer your questions, I look forward to coming back to do an advanced course.


The dates of our next training courses (in French)

This course takes place over one week with a total of 40 hours of training. It is possible to enrol in the training until the last working day before the start of the training, if there is availability.

Enrollment requests are processed in the chronological order of receipt of complete applications. Since registration is only effective and recorded after a 10-day withdrawal period and the payment of the deposit, it is possible that the counter still shows available places while the school is already processing ongoing applications. Therefore, the submission of your complete application does not guarantee your registration in any case, as it will only be effective after confirmation from the secretariat.

Du 16/09/2024 au 20/09/2024

0 places restantes

Du 19/05/2025 au 23/05/2025

0 places restantes

Les demandes d'inscriptions sont traitées dans l'ordre chronologique de réception des dossiers complets. Comme l’inscription n'est effective et comptabilisée qu'après un délai de rétractation de 10 jours et le paiement des arrhes, il est possible que le compteur affiche toujours des places disponibles alors que l'école traite déjà des dossiers en cours. L'envoi de votre dossier complet ne garantit donc en aucun cas votre inscription, qui ne sera effective qu'après confirmation de la part du secrétariat.


The dates of our next training courses (in English)

Training in English.

Du 02/06/2025 au 06/06/2025

3 places restantes


The dates of our next training courses (in Spanish)

Training in Spanish.

Du 26/05/2025 au 30/05/2025

9 places restantes


And more specifically, what is included in this training?

A comprehensive week-long course combining theory and practice. The organisation of work is also addressed.

  • 8 hoursTheory
  • 32 hoursPractice
  • + than 10studied recipes
Theoretical coursesprecise and operational
  • bread-making theory

  • characteristics of enriched doughs

  • integration into your production process

Sourdough vennoiseriesfrom A to Z
  • from sourdough control to baking, each recipe will be studied in detail

  • practice to intergrate the learned theory

And also breadto deepen your knowledge
  • rye, bread from dough held in cold storage for several days

  • pizza and sweet products (shokupan, gingerbread...) are also part of the programme

Available toolsto continue learning after the training
  • Recipe book

  • panettone sourdough

  • a discussion forum


The detailed program

A patient and competent educational team to support you throughout your training course.

  • Module 1

    Bread-making theory

    Objective: Understanding the bread-making process

    At the end of this module, you will be able to:

    • Understand the roles of the different elements involved in making bread (water, starch, gluten, pentosan, enzymes, salt, ferments) and how they interact.

    • Understand the particularities of cold production

    • Be familiar with the specific features of sourdough viennoiserie (dextran production, variability of sourdoughs, impact of the presence of sugar, etc.)

    • Organise your production to include recipes and sourdough refreshing cycles.

  • Module 2

    Producing traditional sourdough products

    Objective: Produce the studied products

    At the end of this module, you will be able to :

    Make all the sourdough recipes studied:

    • Viennoiseries: Panettone and candied fruit, brioche, chocolate brioche, Fougasse d'Aigues Mortes, Kouglof, croissants, etc.

    • Bakery: hard wheat sourdough bread with cold retardation (up to D+3), liquid rye sourdough bread with cold retardation, Rugbrod, Sechskornbrot, sourdough pizza, Shokupan, gingerbread on mother dough)

  • At least 18 years of age

  • At least 2 years' professional experience in sourdough baking

  • Correct use of written and spoken English

Recommended skills
  • Mastery of basic calculation rules (proportionality, etc.)

The numbers

Satisfaction rates for the training Panettone, viennoiserie and sourdough bread – Advanced course

  • 35 replies (2022 to 2023)

  • Satisfaction rates regarding the quality of theoretical and practical lessons on natural sourdough bread-making.

  • Regarding the teaching quality of the trainers

  • Regarding the facilities at the training center.

1 809.17 € HT
soit 2 171.00 € TTC

Panettone, viennoiserie and sourdough bread – Advanced course

  • Financing by France Travail (formerly Pôle Emploi), VIVEA, OPCO EP, FAFCEA, AGEFICE, OCAPIAT possible for French residents

  • 40 hours of training

  • Access to expertise developed over many years in natural sourdough bread-making

  • Access to the International Bakery School network (professionals, companies specialising in bakery equipment, trainees, etc.)


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